Action NOW on Tunbridge Wells Cinema Grotspot


The derelict site of the former ABC Cinema in Tunbridge Wells town centre has reached its 13th year. Despite endless promises and excuses from the Conservatives running the council no real progress has been made on redeveloping the site for local people.

Local Liberal Democrats are pressing for decisive action to be taken by the council. They are leading the campaign to press the council into purchasing the site and developing it for the community.

“It is just shocking and inexcusable that the Conservatives have left this prime town centre site derelict for 13 years! There are children in our town who have grown up never knowing it as anything other than a disused grotspot.” said local Lib Dem councillor, Ben Chapelard.

“The Liberal Democrats are launching a campaign to force the Conservatives to take action. We want them to use existing powers such as a Compulsory Purchase Order to get some progress on getting the site redeveloped.

“All we ever hear are excuses or attempts to shift the blame onto someone else. When they’re not displaying a “can’t do attitude” they’re blaming others for not using their legal powers to resolve the situation. Enough is enough! The Conservatives have let this drag on for 13 long years and it’s time to put an end to it.

“We are asking local people to sign our petition at to put pressure on the council to act. Together we can put an end to 13 years of Conservative failure.”

Leader of the Opposition Lib Dem Cllr David Neve added: “The whole thing is a ‘horror show’. Visitors to Tunbridge Wells are greeted, on arrival by devastation and dilapidation. What a sorry picture this presents. Tunbridge Wells deserves better from the Conservatives. Please sign our residents’ petition.”

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