An accident waiting to happen?

From: Bullion, Alan
Sent: 03 May 2018 13:01
Subject: Traffic lights at the junctions of Blackhurst Lane and Halls Hole Road

Dear Sir,

During the local election campaign on Sherwood, I was contacted by several concerned residents of Sandown Park and surrounding areas about the traffic lights sited at the junctions of Blackhurst Lane and Halls Hole Road.

While the lights are far better than the former uncontrolled junction there is a problem with the phasing. These lights can be controlled remotely from Maidstone, so a simple change to the phasing, delaying the Halls Hole Road green light by 10-15 seconds, could be introduced quickly and easily, and we would soon see if it was effective. Also, a camera at the junction, well-advertised, would both act as a deterrent and generate revenue. When the lights were first installed, signs were placed both sides of the junction saying ‘Give way to oncoming traffic’, but they were removed after only a few weeks.

Some local residents have also suggested a roundabout as an alternative, or one-way traffic along Halls Hole Road and Cornford Lane into Pembury. I’m aware that this issue has come up frequently over recent years as the traffic jams increase between Pembury and the Town Centre, particularly at peak hours. A newly proposed ‘retirement village’ would have further compounded the problem. A safer solution does need to be urgently found, for as one local resident said – it’s an accident waiting to happen.


Dr Alan Bullion



Alan stands up for Sherwood!

Alan Bullion has lived in the Sherwood ward where he is standing for the past 30 years.

He works in London for Informa and commutes from High Brooms station, where he successfully campaigned for a second ticket machine. He is a former school governor and pupil of Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, and is still chair of its Alumni society.

Alan has long been active over local issues in the Oak Road area of Sherwood, such as defending the recreation and sports facilities against development.

Alan also is a great believer in life-long learning, having done degrees with the Open University and Southampton as a mature student. He is supporting the campaign to keep Open University courses affordable for all who want to continue to study.

Alan is also an active member of the Campaign for Protection of Rural England, the Campaign for Real Ale, European Movement, and United Nations Association UK.

Please contact him at or 07766968820 if you can help in any way with Liberal Democrat campaigns.

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Glass Recycling: Back our Campaign!

Glass Recycling: Back our Campaign!

Sherwood commuter Alan Bullion supports increased safety measures at High Brooms station

Sherwood resident and commuter Alan Bullion has seen several incidents where train travellers have had problems with the treacherous steep staircases at High Brooms station.

“One day I saw an elderly man lying at the bottom of the steps who had fallen as the handrail on the stairs had come away. We helped him to get an ambulance as there was no station staff on duty due to being a Sunday.”

Similar difficulties have been experienced by passengers with disabilities, school children, and parents with buggies and pushchairs.

“This problem could easily be solved by building a ramp behind the down platform onto the footpath coming out by the second ticket machine, which I successfully campaigned for over many years. There is railway land available and a track where this could be constructed. For many years passengers have suffered from a lack of facilities at this busy station, with no loos, no proper waiting rooms, and stairs that are clearly dangerous for many passengers.” 

Alan is calling for urgent action from Southeastern with other commuters before another accident occurs.

This would also benefit commuters from St James, St Johns, and Southborough.

Alan Bullion